Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tour of PA

Got off to a bad start at the airport. As I had been sitting for awhile in Burbank waiting to board my plane to Vegas, I took a deep breath, stood up, and next thing I know people were trying to help me up; I couldn't see very well out of my left eye and the back of my head was bleeding.

Those head rushes can be a real doozy.

I used to enjoy them. I mean, they are actually kinda fun. Although I think my love for them is starting to diminish as I realize that those few seconds of purdy colors and that floating sensation you get is not worth waking up feeling like you got in a car wreck, not having any sense of time and being in complete confusion.

Opening TT went well, the crit was (really) crazy fast, and the road races have been kinda what I had expected. Not much else to say right now. Today was a hilly (on the border of being called mountainous) 104 mile stage. Reid and Max animated the lead group and I . . . finished. As a side note, Reid had crashed in the crit, ripped out every single one of the spokes out of his front wheel leaving the rim and hub floating in two seperate peices. With stitches in his face, he has been tearing it up. Hardcore.

Huge props to Jamie Driscoll for the W today.

The guys in the follow cars supposedly saw an amish lady in an Escalade yesterday.

I the race is being broadcasted on Versus, but I heard the coverage is pretty crap.

Will write more soon.


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Anonymous said...

are you the moron who wrote to feministing?

insane-O-man said...

Son, what are you baking?