Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Short Fuse - 2008 CX Worlds

Video and film has always been a hobby of mine but damn, I really forgot how much fun I have doing it. I haven't really had any good subjects for while, so this was a refreshing change. My online classes start tommorow. I hate online classes, but teachers don't seem to give a turd about anything besided ball sports.

SHORT FUSE by your truly.


Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yea, looks like Boom won the Elite Men's race. That was one of the most exciting races I've watched in a while, but I've said that at every worlds so far. It was cool to see Stybar in second also. I think there is a new crop of racers breaking through the Nys/Wellens/Vervecken trend. Radomire Simunek was up there attacking too.
My race was pretty neutral. I started last row, and opted for the very right side on the grid. Thankfully for me, there was a significant crash down the middle. I eventually got up to around 35ish. At one point, a German who had dropped his chain early on flew by the group I was with. I was feeling great at that point, so I tried to hang on his wheel as long as I could. I tried a little too hard and was gassed for the last quater of the race. Props to the yankee juniors this year. I think next year will yield a medal or two. We'll see.

I just got home. I'm working on the vid. I think I'll have it up late tommorow.
Cheers, and thanks to all the readers and voters that have been on this blog!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

World's Course

Is really sweet, and it looks like the turf will be relatively solid. The venue is very scenic with a lake surrounded by woods and the Dolimites as a backdrop. As for course details, there are two rises with a 26% grade that are only ridable for a few. There are also some steep off-cambered sections, and gravel downhills. The start/finish straight is a sort of packed sand uphill straight. Nearly the entire team rode to and on the course today.

Driscoll fighting the jet-lag in the Weighall/Miller room.
I still have not seen a cloud in the sky. The weather is amazing. The filming is going great too! I can't wait to get home and edit.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Italy is just like Belgium.....

.....except Italy doesn't smell like poop, the riding is incredible, the scenery is awesome, the weather is great, and the toilets don't splash like Shamu.
We arrived at our plush modern hotel. The hotel is almost brand spankin' new, and it is really nice. The whole team is together now, aside from a few elites. We all ate something of a formal dinner together today, with Johnathan Page included.

We flew over some insane terrain today. I believe they were the Alps. Ryanair is a ghetto flight service. I felt like a sardine in a can, but whatever it takes to get the price down is fine in my book. (excluding mechanics, obviously.)

After we got our rooms and had a small nap, (we woke up at 3:30am today)the team went for a ride up and around hills about 15 kilometers away from our hosting town of Treviso. The ride couldn't have been any more fun, as the weather was perfect, bike were in great working order, and we were all free to choose our own route. We departed the hotel as a team, but when we hit the hills, we all scattered. I ended up riding with Nick Weighall and Zac McDonald.

Me getting some footage of the goings on of our program.

Mi Bicicleta.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The team is flying out to Italy tommorow in the early A.M. (leaving to the airport at 4) I was running around getting gifts today, and had a good 2 hour ride.

Lame post, but time for bed.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Today we raced on the exact course that will be 2009 cross world championships in Hoogerheide in the Netherlands. The course was really cool. Nick "Weegal" and Carson the Cook had great rides and finished in the 20's. My race didn't go so well, as I was lapped on the final pavement stretch going into my last lap as Niels Alberts was finishing. At this point with the form I'm on right now, my only hope for a good result at worlds is a fast course. Thankfully, it looks like it's going to be quick.

Yesterday, I went to the trials world cup / indoor bmx race / trade show in Kortrijk. I think it was cooler than interbike. The show room was sweet, the trials competition was awesome, and the bmx races were equally cool. It's kind of wierd how Philip Mireharge (MTB world champ a few years back, been busted for epo since) is still a hero here in Belgium. He was selling his book called "The Comeback" or something like that and was being interviewed on a huge lit stage with a pretty decent crowd watching.

Anyways, the team flies down to Treviso, Italy Wednesday for worlds.
That's all I got.

As a side note, I think I went with the right guy for the elite men's world win. Lars boom crushed them today, and I heard "The Specials" on the radio today.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Looks like they changed the national team colors once again. I took a moral blow today because an XL skinsuit was too small. It wasn't so bad on the legs and arms, but the torso seems to be cut so short, that it looked like it was a some kind of v-neck style skinsuit.
They are also really see through in the white areas around the nipple. This can be a good thing if you have rippling abs or something, but if you have big hairy nipples it is not such a good thing, unless your into that.

A few more riders arrived today. Kerry Barnhold, Amy Dombrowsky, Zack McDonald, as well as coaches Geoff Proctor and Mark "Gully". I did a 2:15 hour ride in the rain today. I hit a few trails to make it interesting. It seems like you can take a different route everyday, but it still feels like the same ride because the scenery does not change. Grey skies, leafless trees, flat fallow fields, and vast wheat processing plants make up the majority of the view. We didn't make it to the trials world cup.

That's all for now!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who Will Win 2008 Cyclocross World Champs?

My vote is on Boom.


Quiet Time

Not much going on right now. Luke Keough, one of the world championship bound juniors arrived today. I went on an hour and 1/2 ride with him and Nick Weighall today. We went through some really cool forests with super slick terrain and aggressive geese. Carson was off doing a more intense ride. It has been pretty funny learning the small idiosyncrasies that the few people staying here have. Sometimes our interests clash a little bit, but it is usually over small things like music selection. Today we had N.W.A. blasting on the boom box, with Tom and Jerry on the T.V.; pretty juvenile, but what can I say?

One thing I will never understand is the rate some folks consume nutella, crystallized honey, and peanut butter. It is not usually apreciated by roomates due to it's inevitable side-effects of mass gass.

There's a bicycle trials world cup and a Quick Step team display going on in a nearby town called Kortrijk. We might go check it out tomorrow. I'll make sure to take plenty of pictures if we go.

That's all I got,

As a side note, Carson Miller is quite possibly the best cook in Belgium right now.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Young Nasty Man Spotted in Training

There are three U.S. native track riders staying at the house in Izegem right now. Apparently they spotted Mr. Bart Wellens down at the track motor pacing today. I got as much of the specifics of his workout I could for training next year. I think I'll be at the Encino velodrome a lot more next season.

I would like to give a shout out to the guys at for their great work and letting me review some of their discs this year. Although terribly past due mostly because of my lack of organizational skills as of late, I will be critiquing some early season world cups, and a few other events.

The weather today is pretty bad. It was raining all day, and I thought I'd try to wait it out and hope for it to dry out. It looks like my plan is working, so time to go ride.
If you have some time to burn, I'd check out Carson Millers blog @ - He had the toughest of racing times at the would cup in Lieven this weekend; it made some really heart-felt writing. Great stuff (although I'd obviously rather be reading stories of success from all of us.)

Wellens Rulz.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

France World Cup

Wow. Today did not go well. Again, we had a slightly smaller than usual field (most likely because the race was in France) and I was lined up fourth or fifth row with about 1 & 1/2 rows behind me. After being basically the last on to the dirt, I pretty much stayed there for the rest of the race. I passed a few guys, but that is basically irrelevant. I did not feel any fight today. Fellow U.S. riders had an equally crappy ride for the most part. The North American Women did well today. Jonathan Page did decent today too. Boom Won the elite race, while Alberts won the U-23's.
Next week will consist of a little R&R with some easier training. Not else to say right now!


Saturday, January 12, 2008


I just got back from racing in Roubaix. Yesterday I was pretty unsure of my ability to race, because the three hour ride I did just crushed me. The jet-lag really hit me yesterday too. I napped most of yesterday after an excursion through town to find a bank that would exchange travelers checks. I had some good rest, but awoke a few times to things like Ryan trying to stick stuff in my mouth (which usually hangs wide open when I sleep) with a spoon. After a short ride along the canal, I felt much better.
So, the course today was really sweet. We started on the same track the Paris-Roubaix finishes on, although it seemed like the track angle has been increased since I last watched Paris-Roubaix on T.V. Our feild was smaller than usual; we must have had around 40 riders. I was lined up for a second row start, and after the guy in front of me fumbled his pedal, I found myself coming around some others to be third onto the dirt. After a half a lap we were back on the track, and I felt the pace slow, so I attacked. I led around the track, and then got swarmed coming back onto the dirt the second time. At that point I was near the back of the leading group of 7 or 8.
Eventually, I slipped back and crashed hard into a thick wood stake, knocking it out of the ground and getting tangled in snow fencing. In the end, I finished top ten, with Carson a few spots behind. Nick did not race today in prepration for tommorow's world cup in Leiven. I think Ryan was taking it easy for tommorow too.
I brought a few video cameras with me, and will have a short music video type of thing with footage from the house here in Izegem, racing and some sceninc shots around town. Nick was running around with the camera today, but unfortately didn't capture any carnage.
After the race, I was feeling really good about the world cup tommorow, but then I learned that our race was junior/u23 combined, and there was at least one unior ahead of me. Thankfully, he had won the GVA race at the Koppenberg a few weeks earlier.
I've been taking more video than anything, but I'll have some pictures up soon.

Thanks for reading!
I can't get this stuff out of my head. Thanks Dad.


Friday, January 11, 2008


In Belgium now. No problem with travel. Went pretty smooth. It's just Carson Miller, Nick Weighall, and Ryan Trebon here right now, but the entire worlds team will be here in about a week. I did a three hour ride yesterday around the Coppenberg with Carson. It was pretty sweet, but I can't figure out why I can do a three hour ride at home and not feel it, but over here it gives me that involuntary leg twitch you get after a hard weight lifting session. Maybe it's the wind??? I have to go ride before it rains. I'll get back on here later.