Tuesday, April 29, 2008


$1000.00 for first?!!!

It's on like donkey kong.

Sounds like a sweeeet course too.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sea Otter

Anyone else pick up some vicious poison oak? I'm dying over here.

Hats off to the flying tomato, Mitchell Peterson. That was just a stoopid good result.

More Soon.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Garrett Lemire GP

I think I might have under estimated how fun this road thing can be. As always, the GLMGP was an awesome event all around. Awesome from a spectators standpoint because it is held on the mainest of mainstreet in Ojai, in a venue that is as scenic as can be. On the other hand, it is rad from a racers standpoint because of the bad ass course, strong fields, good announcing, etc.
My race went well; It was fairly uneventful aside from the finish. It is so nice to be able to race in a field in which I don't feel the obligation to be at the front driving the pace, as I did racing in the 3's. Last year (and basically every year previous to that) I was so fed up with the fields going so slow that I couldn't hold my self back, and I would just be on the attack nearly every minute of the race. I mean, that is what you are there to do, right? Race? Needless to say, my frustrations would just grow when, far more often than not, I'd get out sprinted, or just get swallowed up by a group as I was getting pulled in from a break right before the finish. I'm still buzzin' from my event's finish and watching some locals tear it up in the pro race.

I have a lack of images for this post, so I thought I'd share this gem.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Last weekend on our trip down to Arizona for stop #2 of the national MTB series, travel partners Bobby Langin, Ethan Gilmour, and I were starting to sweat as we were driving through a remote and barren stretch of desert on highway 10 near Palm Springs. The gas light had been on for twenty miles, and according to the car manual, the Honda element we were in should have ka-plunked by then.

Anyways, after we squeaked into the gas station with a sight of relief, I took notice of the newspaper stands, and thought I'd check out what was going on in Palm Springs. As I was picking up a local interest magazine, I grabbed a plain, but conspicuously placed pamphlet standing alone by itself. As I hopped into the Honda, I wasn't entirely sure what I had picked up. It had some interesting theories about art, sports, competition, democracy, the color red, and the origins of the beast's number among other things.

For starters, I was disappointed to find out that I am a murderous schizophrenic satanic homosexual whore, guilty of idolatry, gluttony, and the general association with the devil. I'll admit, it had occur had to me that I have been guilty a few aspects of that accusation, but I was really shocked to find out my bike itself was whoreish.

"All entertainment is Idolatry." "All humor & prank playing are of the devil." "Voting is Idolatry" "Red = Whoreish" etc....

Near the end of the text is a detailed explanation of the number 666, also known as The Beast's number. I have a hard time understanding some of the fragmented text, so I thought I'd just post an image (which, of course, I deserve death and Hell for because all image making is of the devil.)

I'd like to write more, and possibly even post the included illustration that describes how men and women should look, but I have to go burn all of the photos I have ever taken, rip down all the hanging pictures in the house, destroy my bikes, grow a beard (which unfortunately, is going to take a few months), and work on ridding myself of whatever self confidence I have.


Monday, April 07, 2008

A taste of Lieven

At the risk of making the longer version seem anticlimactic, I have posted a tantalizing taste of the short version of the untitled 2008 Lieven, France World Cup video I shot. I have a few projects I have to finish, and then I can work on the full version. I will post that in a week or two. I'm not sure how long the video will be. I can probably stretch it to the length of "Short Fuse," but I am all about quality over quantity, so I am not sure if want to make it very long.

It is best played loud.


NMBS 1 & 2

The Fontana and Arizona NMBS races were the last two weekends. As always, it was fun to get out, ride some sweet trails and see some familiar faces. The Fontana trails held up way better than last year. It was cool to see Liam Killeen there, but I don't know why they didn't give him a courtesy call-up. I was lined up around 5th row, and he was almost in the very back. Needless to say, he came by me about halfway through the first lap. Come to think of it, a lot of people came by me on the first lap. Come to think of it, getting passed is pretty much all that happened to me the entire race. The laps were much shorter than usual, so a significant percentage of the field was pulled. Although I made it to the last lap, I succumbed to incapacitating lower back pain mostly from a lack of riding the mtb an core work.
With pain that would not go away after stretching, or anything else I could think of, I had to pull the plug. It was awesome to see local Manuel Prado absolutely kill it in the pro XC. He had a similar ride to Liam Killeen, as he was lined up near the back and came through the masses of fat asses to get 15th.
Sunday was the Short Track, and to my surprise, I was given a decent call up. From the third or fourth row, I managed to squeeze my way through the first lap mayhem, and eventually make contact with the lead group, only to be taken off the back again by some stragglers. After riding around by myself for a few laps, 5 to 10 seconds off the back, I was joined by some others just as the main group was starting to dissipate due to the eventual winner, B. Nasty's, wicked pace. To make a short story shorter, I was able to stay away from a hard charging group, to finish 15th.

More recently, the Arizona national was equally, if not more fun as I was able to travel with Bobby Langin sr. (of Langtown) and U-23 national team member Ethan Gilmour, who had been staying with me the week between Fontana and Arizona.
Unfortunately, the unclear registration rules and guidelines for the race weekend made a few other southern California locals decide not to make the trip down. The race was arranged as a stage race, with a super-d on Friday, short track on Saturday, and XC on Sunday. Apparently, all categories, sport, expert, semi-pro, and pros alike had to register for all events. Then, once we arrived in Arizona, we were finding out that you could register for the XC only. Bummer.

Super D/Time Trial was fun, Short track was so hard I had to cool down for an hour and a half. There were so many flats in the XC, it was crazy. Bobby stomped all of his races, I had a decent short track race, and I gotta go.

Photo stolen maliciously from Lyle.